Spiritual Awakening?

This morning I was reading a blog post titled ” Are you having a spiritual awakening?” – It was basically about how many people are seeking a higher level of spirituality and enlightenment and communicating with angels and the universe.  Obviously there are gazillions of blog posts about spiritual awakenings and enlightenment across the internet and it just kind of irritated me to read this particular post, I guess because it came through in the context of this is a really remarkable thing. But really, is it?

I mean OF COURSE the masses are in some way or other seeking meaning and enlightenment outside of traditional religion.  We have come so far in communication technology, and we are exposed to SO MUCH MORE than even as few as five years ago, we have a world of knowledge and insights literally at our fingertips…  It’s all about what you believe is possible. But that isn’t new is it? What’s new is that we believe in so much more possibility because we witness it everyday through media.

Then I look at these stupid shows like Real Housewives of some place or another, or like Jersey Shore and the numbers of people that watch this ridiculous bastardization of “reality” and I think, holy crap if that many people believe in that kind of reality we are in a shit load of trouble!


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