Day 2

Day 2

I’m tired today! We are in the midst of a brewing storm and the wind was sucking in my shutters making an awful squeeky noise that woke me several times before I decided to close the windows…
So I slept in and came to the office late and I although I am tired, I feel pretty good about giving myself that extra hour in bed. I do have some inflammation again though, after a good pain free day yesterday, I am a little disappointed that just one night of restlessness can cause so much inflammation in my neck and shoulders. I will take extra care today to get lots of stretching in and I have a binaural beat “pain killer” queued up for an afternoon meditation.
On the menu for the day…#theplan flax cereal, super food smoothie (spinach, cucumber, kale, hemp protein, blueberries) for lunch with a little goat cheese on ryvita…dinner could be tough though, have a girlfriend in town wanting to go out for sushi…not recommended by #Lyn Genet!


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