About Me

Welcome to my life.  I don’t know if it’s all that interesting, but I am in some way hoping that if I blog about it I may be inclined to make it more interesting! My name is Tracy. I am an Aries (another term meaning ADD) and I never finish anything, including my dinner. I have lived most of my adult life raising a lovely (most of the time) daughter on my own….yes, never married, a single mom…and for some crazy reason decided I must marry my lovely (most of the time) now husband the winter my daughter went away to University.

MidLife Wife Tracy JI was 42, almost 43. A year and a half later here I am, peri-menopausal, yoga instructor, director of my husband’s business (meaning I make very little money and work all the time), wantrepreneur,  occasional substance abuser of the typical variety…chocolate, potato chips, red wine…and….it still looks weird when I put it to print…WIFE!



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