Day One

So I said I would post everyday and I feel pretty good today, to be totally honest. I haven’t managed to have my meditation break, but I have been very busy today and yet I am not all inflamed and stiff as I usually am. There really is something to “The Plan”! I took some advil nighttime yesterday and I think it really helped as well because I actually woke up today and didn’t feel 90! I really should go sit and breathe and meditate right this minute, but the lure of the television is going to get me…its almost time for the 6 o’clock news!

I suppose it will just be more on our crack smoking mayor and money grubbing senators, but it’s a routine I enjoy, the end of the day, time for a glass of wine, maybe an appetizer (celery and homemade hummus), and just flaking out till I get dinner on the go again. I will meditate later…I promise me!