The Great and Powerful Oz

I saw The Wizard of Oz (the musical) here in Toronto this weekend, and it was so much fun, and so well put together…Dorothy was wonderful and she is from my hometown which makes me all the more impressed with her performance. My husband loved it too, which is great considering it was his birthday outing! 

After the matinee showing we had some time for a little shopping in Kensington Market and we popped into our favourite health food store and I got a real kick out of all the supplements with “AS SEEN ON DR. OZ” emblazoned on their packaging. Just a little Life imitating Art there! How powerful is Dr. Oz to the marketer of health products!?!? He doesn’t even have to be endorsing a product, just the fact that a particular herb or super fruit is mentioned on his show to have shown some kind of benefit (usually weight loss) is enough to send us skipping like munchkins to the nearest pharmacy, health food store (or Costco) to pick up the latest and greatest. I couldn’t help myself, I picked up a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia that will likely sit in my fridge till it expires (I hate swallowing big pills of any sort) right next to the PGx and MSM and glucosamine and GNC Women’s Multi Packs…

The Scarecrow only really needed a diploma to make him smart, maybe just a few supplements per day could make me fit again, stranger things happen!